The All-British Cycling EventThe All-British Cycling EventThe All-British Cycling EventThe All-British Cycling Event

And Gentleman's Tour

September 18, 19 & 20, 2020 in New Brighton Minnesota



A note from the STO:

Tailored to the cycling hobbyist, Gentlewoman or Gentleman Cyclist who appreciates the finer points of bicycles built in the English Commonwealth,  the 14th annual ABCE is a refined event that recalls an earlier time when bicycles were  beautiful to behold as well as ride. Expect to see utilitarian 3-speeds as well as the odd Baines Flying Gate and perhaps a Claud Butler or Jack Taylor Tourist; we welcome and admire them all. As in years past, this continues to be a lycra-free event.

Friday we will have a reception at  Barley John's  Brew Pub in New Brighton Minnesota to greet both the regulars and the  out-of-towners and officially claim Barley John's in the name of the Queen and  for all the Riders of the Realm.

Saturday events will begin in Minneapolis with the 30  mile Gentleman's Tour  and an evening banquet  at Merlin's Rest.

Sunday events will be at Barley John's as  in years past and include a Cycle Jumble, Brew-Up, another Gentleman's Tour with  the re-named  Gravity Race and Day-Old Pastry Joust, cycle judging, awards, prizes and stories both true  and otherwise.

Mr. John Moore of Barley John's Brew Pub (the owner, Brewmeister  and True Gentleman) has a shaded patio with plenty of chairs and tables,  restrooms, food and if the weather is typical English we can take shelter inside  and scoff at the people willing to ride the Gentleman's Tour. On Sunday, the pub will be ours and ours alone. Mr. Moore has also promised another cask of  Silver Knight Ale; custom brewed for the ABCE.

For the true English Devotee (or Nutter) that  can actually ride one of these up a hill, investigate our companion event: The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour.

"Cycling for pleasure, not penance." -British Transport Films  commenting on the C.T.C. 1954