A Celebration of English Cycling!


  We will have tours, tea, a banquet, presentations, displays, prize drawings, hub  gears, plus fours, treats and awards along with stories both true and otherwise.  We will not  have lycra, path racing, pass storming or massed start races and instead we  focus on the social aspects of English cycling for the  Gentleman Cyclist  or cycling hobbyist. The Gentleman's Tour on both  Saturday and Sunday will be a relaxed pace; Saturday we will take in the sights  of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The shorter Sunday tour will wind through the  streets and parks of St.Anthony and include the  Gravity Race and  Day-Old Pastry Joust.

"Sadly there are no rallies like this anywhere else in the world. I  could not find such a ride even in the good old UK. You have definitely started  something unique and long may it continue." -Dasha Somaratna