What to Bring


  Bring your dad's old Dunelt or your granddad's Raleigh or your neighbors Holdsworth or anything made in the English Commonwealth, old or new and derailleur-equipped machines are  welcome. Extra points garnered for hub gears or period dress. As the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour, this is a  lycra-free event. 

If you have a British bicycle or parts to sell, by all  means bring them for the Cycle Jumble on Sunday! We may need spares for the bits that fall off during the ride...

On Sunday bring tea, pastries or other treats for  sharing during the Brew Up before the shorter Gentleman's Tour.

Bring a display! This may sound a little  ambitious but crackers! this only happens once a year. Got a poster? Catalog? A house full of old wingnuts? Bring 'em.

Consider bringing a prize donation for the drawing on  Sunday.

Any displays or extra bicycles you bring will be  supervised during the Gentleman's Tour on Sunday.