What to Expect



Friday: A small reception at Barley John's to  greet the regulars as well as out-of-towners and officially claim Barley John's in the name of the Queen and for all the Riders  of the Realm. 5PM.

Saturday: At 9am we  will begin with the 30 mile Gentleman's Tour starting from Merlin's Rest; 3601 E. Lake St in  Minneapolis. Elevenses to follow and lunch will be at 48th &  Chicago in Minneapolis; we will have 2-3 restaurant choices plus a new pub -Minneapolis  Town Hall Brewery. 5:30 or so brings us back to Merlin's Rest. A revised map for the day is here.

Sunday: The day begins at  10:00 AM with the  Cycle Jumble. At  11:00 AM we will have the Social Hour and Brew Up -please consider bringing treats for  sharing. At noon we will have the  traditional 5 mile Gentleman's Tour with sweep to gather the dislodged parts  PLUS the Gravity Race and Day-Old Pastry Joust.  Guaranteed no sweating or exerting. (Horrors!)  Upon our return at about 1:00 PM the judges will vote for "Best of Show",  "Honorable Mention" and "Peoples Choice". If your bicycle has an interesting history or related story, be prepared to tell! Everyone (including the judges) will be interested in hearing it. The People's  Choice ballot will include an automatic entry in the door prize drawings. All  winners will receive a certificate suitable for framing, bragging or composting  and don't forget- bribes are encouraged!

At 2:30 PM we will have the overly-anticipated door  prize drawing. Prizes will include gift certificates, English parts and other  baubles of questionable value.

I almost forgot to mention the beer; John Moore has agreed to brew another special pin of  Silver Knight Ale just for the ABCE.